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End Mills Catalog
Stub Length Square Endmills
Square End Mills
Extra Length Square End Mills
Stub Length Ballnose Endmills
Ballnose End Mills
Extra Length Ball Nose End Mills
Metric Square End Mills
Metric Ball Nose End Mills
Tapered Square End Mills
Tapered Ball Nose End Mills
45 Degree Helix w/Sharp Corners
High Helix Square End Mills
High Helix Ball Nose End Mills
High Helix Eccentric Relief
Corner Radius End Mills
Extended Reach B N CC
Clearance Cutters - 2 FLUTE
Extended Reach Micro Mills
Ball Nose Rib Cutters
Corner Radius Rib Cutters
High Perf. Drills 30' Coolant Thru
Independent Helix End Mills
Rougher / Finisher End Mills
Diamond Coated CVD End Mills
LollyPop Cutters

Custom Tooling RFQ's
Custom End Mills
Custom Tapered End Mill
Custom Key Cutter
Custom Step Reamer
Custom Piloted Reamer
Custom Reamer
Custom Step C Bore
Custom Step Drill C Sink
Custom Drill
Custom Corner Rounder

Custom Tapered Endmill

A - Angle 
B - Length of Taper 
C - Overall Length 
D - Tip Diameter 
E,F,G - Flat Location  E - F -   G -
H - End Mill Diameter 
Material  H.S.S    Carbide   Cobalt
Quantity  (Minimum of 6)
Company Name 
Contact Name 
Address Cont.
City State  Zip Code
Due Date